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How Do Kilts Promote Men’s Health?

by | Jun 9, 2022 | All About Kilts, Categorized

Modern kilts are continually becoming more popular among men of all ages, not only in Australia, but in many parts of the world. It has been known for some time now that wearing a kilt does have benefits to the men’s health.

Wearing kilts has been on the rise among many Australian men, and women, of all ages. They embrace and welcome the traditional attire of the Scottish and the Irish, and for other several reasons. They wear kilts with pride and enthusiasm, and to make a bold fashion statement. 

It has been observed in various studies that wearing a kilt can benefit both physical and mental well-being, and preventing the onset of deep vein thrombosis (DVT). And it has also been known that men who wear kilts can stimulate better health of one’s reproductive system. Additionally, it can keep one’s body temperature regulated.

Let’s have a closer look at how wearing kilts can have positive effects on men’s health.


Freedom of Movement

How Do Kilts Promote Men’s Health by Ozkilts Comfort is perhaps the biggest reason why kilts make for a perfect wear for every man. The most obvious reason is that it does not cause any discomfort in the groin area, no matter how you are positioned.

Whether you are in the workplace or you are just on a leisurely outdoor stroll, you can wear your kilt for freedom of movement. Even if you choose loose-fitting pants, they do cling to your legs and limit mobility. No such concern come with wearing kilts.


Regulates Your Body Temperature

You may be working indoors or out in the sweltering heat, but kilts keeps you feeling cool and comfortable for far longer. Kilts made of cotton provides increased breathability and with an open bottom, it allows free air circulation, one aspect that cannot be replicated by wearing pants.

Traditional pants and even shorts generate a lot of heat that can potentially contribute towards the onset of a range of conditions, including dehydration and heat stroke. Surprisingly enough, a kilt can also be worn during colder weather without leaving you feeling cold. This is further enhanced when paired with a warm jacket and shirt.


Helps in Reducing the Risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis

Wearing an authentic and a high quality kilt from a legitimate kilt supplier like Ozkilts will not only provide you with an enhanced range of motion. A kilt can also contribute in reducing the onset of a potential medical condition such as deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

The condition is closely related to long periods of inactivity, such as during long-distance travel. DVT can be triggered during travel while wearing tight-fit clothing, especially around the legs and waist.

Tight-fit clothing constricts blood flow and circulation, which may cause blood clotting. Wearing a kilt while on an extended travel or sitting behind a desk or in front of the telly, makes it easier to move your legs around.


Improves Fertility Rates

There are many studies that claim the positive effects of wearing kilts on male fertility rates. One of particular interest is the one published by the Scottish Medical Journal. Scientist have found a connection between tight-fitting wear to diminished male fertility over several decades.

Clothing may negatively impact spermatogenesis, cause DVT, and increase body temperature that affects spermatogenesis. 

The most cited reason attributed to this is the increased temperatures in and around the crotch area due to constriction. When these factors come together into play, the temperatures in the nether region can increase by as much as 3.5 °C.

Sperm fares better in lower temperatures, and researchers have suggested that restrictive clothing impact sperm production. 

Wearing a kilt increases air exchange around the area, keeping the area cool and, potentially, maintain male fertility rates. As a matter of fact, researchers recommend for men to wear kilts during the time they plan on having children.


Boosts Mental Health

How Do Kilts Promote Men’s Health by Ozkilts Mental health is an important factor in human wellness. Wearing a kilt enhances mental health due to its close association in boosting self-confidence. It makes you feel good about yourself and reduces instances of anxiety and depression.

One Australian study says that one in eight Australian men experience depression at some point in their lives. Regrettably, suicide is a leading cause of death among men under the age of 44, and 75% of suicide rates in Australia are executed by men.

With these figures, it is apparent that there are a lot of men are struggling and are battling depression in silence. This is where wearing kilts can be of huge help. Apart from other physical health benefits, it boosts self-confidence, enhances a man’s sex appeal, and it also gives them something worthwhile to chat about. This exercise helps in reducing the prevalence of bouts of depression and anxiety substantially.


In Closing

Utility kilts not only look good, but it is possible to give both your health and well-being a very welcome boost. With the health and well-being mentioned above, it is not rocket science to conclude that they not only exist for fashion or utility.

There is a wide misconception that kilts are only suited for casual occasions. No one can conclusively say that it would be best to ditch pants altogether. In the long run, it really doesn’t matter if you want to exclusively wear pants or shorts, but you should consider trying on both garments.

If you haven’t tried kilts before, you should at least give it a try to have a better understanding of how it can help boost your health and general well-being. Fair warning, it is more likely that once you do, you may never want to turn back. 

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