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Get More Done While On the Job With Ozkilts

by | Aug 5, 2021 | All About Kilts, Categorized

Work, The Daily Grind, Hustlin’, Bringing home the Bacon. There are a ton of terms for it, but your job is an intrinsic part of your Adult life. Now it can be a drag sometimes, doing something over and over and over again, day in and day out, can get very tedious, this hold especially true when you have a Blue collar job.

Get More Done While On the Job With Ozkilts by Ozkilts Blue collar jobs are varied and require a bit more physical exertion compared to their more professional White collar cousins. From Construction worker, field engineer, farmer, to more unconventional professions like blacksmithing and metal working.

The number of blue collar professions is practically endless. The similarity of all these jobs is that they involve a lot of sweat, a bit of blood, and how about breaking the monotony of the daily grind by wearing something that makes your day just a wee bit better and a lot comfier.

You might think… Wouldn’t wearing pants be better for work? Well, in some cases, yeah. It might give you a bit better protection on your lower legs, but for some, the chaffing and the restrictive nature of it just isn’t worth it. Some people need to move and dislike the stuffy feeling of pants.

The dream job attire must be breezy, comfy, improves mobility, all while keeping the utility of pants and being rugged. Too good to be true, you might think? Well… It’s real.

Have you met our Workman utility kilt yet? We affectionally call it the Tradie’s kilt. We call this because the workman’s kilt was designed from the ground up to make our Tradie’s life a bit better.



1. MADE TO MOVE: Our Utility kilts are made from 100% Heavy-duty cotton. Cotton being a light natural fabric means our kilts are soft without being fragile, and it moves with you. It doesn’t matter if you’re making a Zweihander with Damascus steel, in front of your forge, or tending to your crops, or building structures in your construction site. This kilt will move with you and give you a greater range of movements that no pair of pants can do.

2. BUILT IN NATURAL AIR CONDITIONING: The awesome thing about working in kilts is that due to its design, it basically has built in AC! Whether you’re in front of a raging fire in your forge or out in the elements, the temperature can get uncomfortable depending on the season. The great thing about kilts is that the design itself is made to be breathable while keeping your body temp well regulated. During the warmer parts of the day, the kilt basically allows the air to circulate around your bits. For the cooler times of the day, a kilt traps a pocket of Warm air in there.

3. UTILITY: It’s a game changer for keeping your stuff in. No need to faff around your bag to find something you need. That’s one of the advantages of wearing pants is that you have pockets. While traditional kilts have none. For storage, you need to wear a sporran. Well… good news! Utility kilts have cargo pockets in them. Our utility kits also come with Detachable cargo pockets. No more worrying where to put your wallet or your phone when rocking out your kilt. No more need to carry a Sporran as well (If your blacksmithing sporrans might catch on fire, lol. So having pockets is a safety feature). Carry your wallet, your phone, your utility knife, a tape measure or two. If it can fit. Your mask (still can’t be too careful). The utility of pants with the comfort of a kilt. It’s a win-win situation.

4. RUGGED: Our kilts just like what we said before is made of a hundred percent heavy-duty cotton, and that is not just marketing gibberish. With the combination of our heavy-duty fabric. Whatever strenuous activity you might be doing out there in that festival, be it hammering away at a piece of high carbon steel while protecting you from sparks, putting up foundations of a building, harvesting your produce, or whatever you are doing. Our kilts can take whatever you throw at it, and you can expect it to stay in place and keep you comfortable while you’re at it.  This is peak ruggedness right here.

Get More Done While On the Job With Ozkilts by Ozkilts 5. VERSATILITY: The thing with some work wear is that usually it’s worn down and unpresentable. Especially with intensive work like construction and metal working. The awesome thing with the workman’s kilt is that at the end of the day. It can be worn when you go out. Sure, it’s a tan and black kilt, but believe me a kilt is a kilt, and it’s still a head turner. But aside from that, it’s a normal article of clothing. You can wear it anywhere at any time and match it to your outfit since the kilt is primarily black, and it goes with pretty much anything.

6. UNIQUENESS AND BRAND APPEAL: The awesome thing about wearing a kilt is that it gives you flair. It’s unique and people wearing it tend to draw attention to themselves. As an entrepreneur or self-employed person, this inherent ability of kilts to draw attention can be a boon to your business. A kilt is unique enough that whatever you do you’ll be remembered as “that guy in a kilt” You can take advantage of that to stand out from the crowd. Imagine your customers saying “Hey, I got this sick knife from a guy with a kilt” or “The mechanic who put in new head gaskets on my Subaru is a kilt guy”. You can turn the mundane into something more. I’m not saying let your clothes define you, but it does give you a competitive advantage over your other peers… So why not use it for your advantage, right?

What else can we say? A utility kilt isn’t just some skirt. It offers Tradies some serious advantages over traditional pants. Get more done on the job with our utility kilts. Check out our Workman’s Utility Kilts and push your job performance even further.