Attention Ozkilts Customers: Due to a huge influx of orders current delivery times on some orders may take up to 10 weeks. In response to this we are improving our overall quality & service, thank you for your understanding during this exciting time, feel free to get in touch with me with any questions at eden@ozkilts.com

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Our Leather Strap kilts offer 3 adjustments, the size you order will be the largest fitting, and they tighten down about 1 inch per setting.

So for example, if you ordered a 35" the largest setting would be 35", the mid would be approximately 34" and the smallest would be approximately 33". Please note: Sizing is subject to a manufacturing variance of approximately 1.5inches (this is fashion industry standards), and while the adjustments up or down are not 'exactly' 1 inch, more often than not they offer a perfect level of adjustment for comfortable wear.

Our Velcro Fastening Kilts offer a bit more granular adjustment. For these kilts, we aim for the size that you order to be the correct 'position' of the kilt apron, and there is a small amount of Velcro (usually .5-1.5 inches) that the kilt will tighten from the size you order, it will also expand out about the same before the front apron is too far from the underneath apron, causing the fit to look strange. Our Velcro kilts also come with 'flex' pleats, these pleats have a elastic lace in them that can be tightened to offer a more snug fit also. The Elastic lace is also easily replaceable (and inexpensive) should it wear over extended use.