Attention Ozkilts Customers: Due to a huge influx of orders current delivery times on some orders may take up to 10 weeks. In response to this we are improving our overall quality & service, thank you for your understanding during this exciting time, feel free to get in touch with me with any questions at eden@ozkilts.com

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Frequently Asked Kilt Questions

Our kilts currently come with one of 2 different fastening systems. Please check the product pages for specific information on which fastening system is on which kilt, get in touch with us for special orders if you have special requirements.


  • Velcro Fastening System with 'flex pleats': A Velcro along the front apron belt line which can be adjusted for a perfect quick fit. Kilts with our Velcro fastening also come with criss-cross flexible elastic pleats either side of the kilt to add extra comfort and longevity to the garment, each kilt with flex-pleats also contains detachable pockets. This highly versatile fastening system allows for a great range of movement, especially for those sitting, running, or working in their kilts.

    flex pleat
    Picture of Flex Pleats and Detachable Pockets

  • Leather Fastening System: Offers 3 size settings. Not as quick or easy to fit and remove as Velcro , a slightly more rigid fit when compared to the kilt with the Velcro Fastening System with Flex Pleats.
    leather system
    Picture of Leather Strap Fastening System

  • Buckle Hip Fastening System: We no longer produce these as standard across our range in favour for the above two more versatile and modern fastening systems, however we can take special orders, just send us an email.

    buckle fastening
    Picture of Buckle Fastening System

Our Leather Strap kilts offer 3 adjustments, the size you order will be the largest fitting, and they tighten down about 1 inch per setting.

So for example, if you ordered a 35" the largest setting would be 35", the mid would be approximately 34" and the smallest would be approximately 33". Please note: Sizing is subject to a manufacturing variance of approximately 1.5inches (this is fashion industry standards), and while the adjustments up or down are not 'exactly' 1 inch, more often than not they offer a perfect level of adjustment for comfortable wear.

Our Velcro Fastening Kilts offer a bit more granular adjustment. For these kilts, we aim for the size that you order to be the correct 'position' of the kilt apron, and there is a small amount of Velcro (usually .5-1.5 inches) that the kilt will tighten from the size you order, it will also expand out about the same before the front apron is too far from the underneath apron, causing the fit to look strange. Our Velcro kilts also come with 'flex' pleats, these pleats have a elastic lace in them that can be tightened to offer a more snug fit also. The Elastic lace is also easily replaceable (and inexpensive) should it wear over extended use.

All our orders throughout the world are eligible for free shipping! So YES, just place your order and we will create your beautiful new kilt, and ship it to you using International Priority Shipping.

Once your item has been created by our skilled Stitch Masters, we will email you letting you know, you can then log into your account on our website and use our special parcel tracking system!

If you ever have an issue with your parcel just get in touch with me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will get you sorted! Remember, our average delivery time is 12-16 business days from the date you place your order.

Please note, that residences defined as being located in remote areas according to DHL, DPEX or TNT, may incur a surcharge for delivery. If you live in a remote area, we attempt delivery and it is rejected by our carrier as being a 'remote area', you may be required to pay a remote surcharge in order to recieve delivery of your kilt (We simply pass the these fees on from the delivery providers, we have seen these fees be up to 30 usd in some cases).

We will not offer refunds on orders already manufactuered because of delivery issues if you live in remote areas, did not collect the package, or didnt enter correct delivery details. If you are concerend about this please contact us prior to placing an order.

We do our best to ensure these Kilts are as Fire Resistant as possible. To do this, we get our standard cotton and blend fabrics and then treat them using special fire resistant chemical treatment, this should give you a nice +5 boost to fire resistance.

Now, of course we need to disclaim that this does NOT make you 100% fireproof, if you run into a burning building wearing just your kilt, you will get burned!!!  We hold no responsibility for accidents or injury caused by exposing our Kilts to flame or extreme temperatures. As always, safety first, when in doubt, leave it to the professionals!!

Please note the Jet Black on our Fire Treated Kilts can have a slight shimmer on it due to the treatment process and fabric blend, and our Fireproof treated fabrics may retain a barely noticable chemical smell (simply put, don't wear your kilt on your head and you will be fine!)

We make all our OzKilts to order and we have spent considerable time optimising the ordering and fulfilment process of OzKilts for you. Our usual turnaround time is 1-2 weeks for our Stitch Masters to create your new kilt, and 1 week for delivery, our average time from Order to Arrival at your door is 12-16 business days.

Once your new Kilt is created, and has been posted, as soon as we have a tracking number you will be notified, at which point you can track your delivery by logging into 'My Account' on the OzKilts website.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Our delivery provider cannot send your package to a parcel locker or PO-BOX you will need to send it to an address where someone can sign. Should delivery not be able to be made (eg nobody is home or at the office etc), then they will leave a card where you can arrange redelivery, or arrange to pickup the item from the nearest delivery depot.

Unfortunately, this is a bit of a 'how long is a piece of string' question. With the almost infinite possible combinations, types, and modifications that can be done to a kilt, we do all our custom pricing on a case by case basis after talking with our fabric stockists and our stitch masters to ensure we fairly compensate all for work involved with any modifications.

We are considering adding some kind of 'custom kilt designer' in the future to our site, although, we have no ETA at this time.

If this is just simply in regards to Drop Length, the usual extra charge for drop length increases is just an extra $10.

We make all of our kilts to order at this stage, due to the fact we have so many different sizes, colours and and expanding and ever changing range, we don't have any local stockists currently (although we are in discussions with a few possible ones).

It will take a little time to get more 'common trends' before we look at a core range/size etc to add to our potential stockists. We will of course let everyone know the moment this happens!

Our Kilts are a Standard 24inch Drop, (about 61cm).

We can do custom lengths however, for the vast majority of sizes/heights, this is an appropriate average length. For example, I am 6ft3, and I find this length is fine, during our recent photo-shoot we had models around 5.5ft and this length was still without issue (obviously this may vary as everybody is different and has different length bodies, even those who are the same height), you may also have your own preferences.

As a rule of thumb, if you’re over about 6ft3, or under 5ft4 then you might want to look at increasing or shortening length as appropriate.

If it is of concern, measuring up for drop length is super easy! Simply just measure from your Waist (or if you wear your kilt on your belly measure from here), then measure to the middle of your knee. Alternatively,  you might find it easier to kneel on the floor, and measure from your Waist/Belly to the floor, this is your drop length. Let us know, and we can advise if there is any additional cost to have the appropriate length adjustment for you.

Currently we have a 2 "Stitch Masters" which are based overseas, one in Pakistan, one in Europe, and we have 2 "Stitch Masters" in Australia that we use for local customisation, sample creation and basic repairs (in house stuff like samples and testing of modifications).

We find this combination allows us to scale production, and test designs locally, while working with our Stitch Masters overseas to provide quality and affordability for Australia, America, United Kingdom, New Zealand and other International Customers (to avoid lengthy delivery times, we use priority air shipping. The last time I made a non-OzKilt purchase, it took over 6 weeks to get to me, we aim to do much better than that at OzKilts no matter where you are in the world!!

We aim to be totally transparent about our manufacturing process and most of our current production is being completed by our Stitch Masters in Pakistan. Don't let the locale fool you, we have searched high and low for quality kilt makers who use quality materials, and then spent time and resources modifying designs, sampling and re-sampling as required for durability and comfort, then chosen only high quality fabrics (100% cotton, quality cotton blends + leather) for our Kilts.

This process is ongoing, it’s what’s on the 'inside' that counts, we are always looking for ways we can improve the quality, comfort and durability of our product and take feedback from our customers VERY seriously.

This business is something I'm quite passionate about, as I wear them myself daily! I am quite particular about the quality of our brand, website, and our product.

Traditionally Kilts would cost somewhere in the range of 500-1500$, and we aim to continue ensuring that our Kilts offer extraordinary value!