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Fire Spinning and Fire Safety

by | Sep 7, 2017 | All About Kilts, Categorized

Fire spinning is both an art and a technique. It involves using techniques and tools to play with, and manipulate, fire, to create an amazing and mesmerising experience for audiences. Artists trained in the technique employ tools to generate fire patterns around their bodies.

Fire Spinning and Fire Safety by Ozkilts Some fire spinning performances include fire baton twirling, prop juggling, fire breathing and body burning. Fire performances may have integrated music, or can be music-independent. Fire spinners may also talk to spectators as they perform.

Given the obvious danger of fire involved in this artistic rendition, costumes and styling accessories that fire spinners use assume great importance. As performers, their costumes and accessories need to be attractive and safe.


Fire Spinning Safety Best Practices

Some best practices for fire spinners, in terms of costume and accessories, include:

  • Preferring natural fabrics that are fire-safe, such as cotton and wool. While these fabrics too are flammable, they do not melt, and this makes handling an accident easier and less risky. Avoid clothing made of synthetic fabrics such as polyester and nylon, as they tend to melt in fire.
  • Choosing thicker clothing. Thicker garments are more resistant to fire than thinner versions.
  • Opting for clothing that allows free movement.
    This does not mean that you should choose loose garments; looser garments can sway towards fire props and catch sparks and flames. Choose clothing that aptly fits your body while giving you generous room for movement.
  • Avoiding accessories that easily catch fire, such as feather scarves and puffy hair wigs
  • Testing costumes before a performance. This helps you identify any safety glitches beforehand. You’ll also be able to repair flaws such as snaps and tears beforehand; left unattended, these flaws can distract you during performance, which can be dangerous on a live stage.


Fire Spinning Costumes

Costumes are a significant part of the ensemble of fire spinners. They need to be:

  • Attractive enough to grab and retain audience attention
  • Brilliant enough for video cameras to give stunning images of the performance and the performer
  • Colourful enough to set the performer apart
  • Expressive


Introducing Fireproof Kilts

Fireproof kilts are ideal for fire spinners. They are attractive, unique in style, and are fireproof. The very design of a kilt is attention-grabbing, and you’ll have your audience’s full attention the moment you step on the podium.

The Phoenix by OzKilts is a collection of fireproof kilts. Our kilts are handmade cotton blend garments, quality-tested for maximum fire resistance. Kilts are fully adjustable to give you the desired fit. There are also flexible side pleats, which can be adjusted for greater movement. Kilts are available in attractive colours. Design your fireproof kilt today!