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Fashion, Men and Kilts

by | Nov 24, 2016 | All About Kilts

The knee-length male kilt, as we get to see them today, originated in the later part of the 17th century. They were devised to provide a practical alternative to comfortable clothing for Highlanders who lived in damp and no-vehicle conditions, relying mostly on legs for travel.

Fashion, Men and Kilts by Ozkilts With time, kilts gained status, partly due to inclusion in the British Military, and later by becoming a favourite of the British aristocracy.

Kilts have not lost their appeal with time and continue to charm both wearers and onlookers.

Today, you can see people, from celebrities and fashion connoisseurs to style enthusiasts and everyone in between, wearing and endorsing kilts.

With the Australian Summer already starting, and the Festival, Party & Doof season well underway, it’s the perfect time to consider the benefits of wearing a kilt.

If you have not yet considered a kilt for your wardrobe, here are some pretty convincing reasons why you should:


Fashionably Trendy

Fashion needs to be individualistic, stylish, comfortable and practical. A kilt is a winner in all aspects. No wonder, it is on the verge of becoming the latest fashion statement.

You see celebrities wearing them on the red carpet, corporate executives adorning them in style, and fashion designers giving it an enthusiastic thumbs-up, Kilts have been recently featured on runways and in fashion magazines and the trend only seems to be gaining momentum!

Kilts deliver extreme comfort without compromising style. They are available in several stylish patterns and variations to suit different lifestyles and even professional working conditions.

There are, for example, casual kilts, utility kilts, and kilts for working men, and even fireproof kilts for fire performers. Moreover, a kilt goes with anything, from a blazer to a T-shirt.


Sex Appeal

Men in kilts are sexier! This humble clothing lends a raw and utterly male appeal to the wearer. No wonder then that those rugged heroes of romantic novels send women’s pulse racing!

In addition to the ruggedness, there is a traditional factor attached to the kilt. This contrasting mix of tradition and modern is sexy in itself.

As an avid kilt wearer myself, I find it’s often a great ice-breaker, and as a fire performer, I love it to make people smile with a little twirl 🙂


Enhanced Comfort

Kilts allow for greater degree of movement compared to their tighter cousins. You can walk, run, squat or move around with ease and comfort. Kilts are practical for on-the-job requirements. It is as useful for those sitting in at home as it is for those working on a construction site. Kilts are even becoming increasingly popular in Australia as every day wear, due to the climate.

I use my kilt hiking, dancing, working in the office, and basically anywhere I can. You really can’t surpass the mobility and comfort of wearing a kilt.


A Healthier Option

Studies have shown that kilts, when worn without any undergarments, keep the groin area cool, which aids in the production of more quality sperm. With male sperm counts dropping at alarming rates worldwide, and normal couples often struggling to conceive, this can be especially important when you are all set to plan for a family, or just to maintain a healthy reproductive system.

Surely after that, you’re thinking it’s probably time to give your style and wardrobe a makeover with a quality kilt!

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