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Earthcore: 23 November – 3rd December 2017

by | Sep 14, 2017 | All About Kilts, Categorized

Experience your fill of music, culture, arts and dance, at Australia’s famous festival event, Earthcore. To say that the line-up of events for this year is abundant would be a complete understatement!

The festival this year is additionally special – it marks 24 years of celebration of Earthcore. The Festival was launched in 1993, and continues to attract thousands of original art, music and dance lovers, to its venue.


Earthcore: 23 November - 3rd December 2017 by Ozkilts Musical Events

A host of international music artists are all set to perform. The list includes prestigious names such as Ace Ventura, Joel Rowdy, Flow & Zeo, Vini Vici, Mystical Complex, Outsiders, The Freestylers, to name a very few.

Experience some of the best in electronic music and psytrance genre!

These performances are slated for 23rd November to 27th November and will take place in Victoria.


Outdoor Events

  • Earthcore in the Park – NSW
    For those looking for some outdoor fun, Earthcore in the Park is the way to go! Scheduled for November 25, the event will take place at Scheyville National Park. There will be music throughout the day. For those looking for some camping fun along with the outdoor music, camping grounds are available.
  • Earthcore in the Park – Queensland
    Ivory’s Rock in Queensland will host international music artists including John Oo Fleming, Bliss, Berg, Sean Tyas, and other distinguished performers, on December 2. Music in the outdoors amidst greenery can be great fun and a spiritual experience. Be ready to be transcended to another realm through music by some of the best performers the world has seen.
  • Earthcore in the Park – Western Australia Mulberry On Swan will be the venue for Earthcore’s music and dance on December 3. Experience the bliss, high energy, and the sheer liveliness of outdoor music and dance at this event, which will have some amazing performances by Bliss, Berg, Dirty Audio, The Freestylers, Prok & Fitch, and other famous names.


Why Not Try a Kilt for your Festival Costume?

The Earthcore is all about fun, merry and spiritual experiences, but it is also about expressing yourself. Why not say what you feel with a kilt?

Whether you are looking for an earthy garment, in tune with the Festival, or stylish, weird, funky, funny, or sexy fashion, a kilt is apt for all the moods! Get noticed and make headlines with a kilt!

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