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Can Wearing a Kilt Cure Cancer?

by | Dec 29, 2016 | All About Kilts

You’re likely thinking that we are possibly being overly imaginative now, right? Wrong, hear us out….

Can Wearing a Kilt Cure Cancer by Ozkilts Wearing kilts could really cure cancer, if you are as passionate about, and as dedicated to, the cause, as the Kilted to Kick Cancer (KTKC) team. KTKC was born out of a single-minded passion to raise awareness among people regarding the risk of prostate cancer among men.


About Kilted to Kick Cancer

KTKC is a not-for-profit organisation originally based in California, which also has an Australian chapter.

The organisation promotes the cause of raising awareness regarding risks of cancers prevalent among men. It also supports grassroots promoting the cause of cancer through awareness-building and aid-dispensing programmes.

The Australian KTKC also supports the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia, which assists in raising money for research focused on early diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer.


The Birth of Kilted to Kick Cancer

Prostate and testicular cancer are as shockingly common among men as is breast cancer among women. The original co-founders of KTKC California, Jason Hoschouer and Justin Schorr, were already supporting the cause of breast cancer when Justin happened to receive information regarding the prevalence of prostate and testicular cancer.

KTKC was born out of an inspiration for a survivor of testicular cancer, a friend of the co-founders. The idea to wear kilts to promote awareness regarding the cancers transformed into a purpose through the efforts of a fellow blogger, Kelly Greyson.


Kilted to Kick Cancer Events

KTKC promotes its cause by wearing kilts throughout September, which is observed as Prostate Cancer Awareness month. Supporters wear a kilt all through the month, and spread awareness regarding prostate cancer.

The organisation also raises funds through voluntary donations. Events such as fundraising challenges are organised, where teams with the highest collection get an attractive prize. Interested people can also support the cause by purchasing KTKC merchandise sold on the website, proceeds of which are channelled to support the cause.


Why a Kilt?

A kilt is a crowd-puller, according to the team. A man in a kilt attracts attention immediately. The question that comes to the mind of many is, “What is under the kilt?” This gives the team an opening to broach the subject of prostate cancer, and raise awareness.

If you are above 40, are an African-American, or have a family history of prostate cancer, visit your doctor immediately, the team advises.


Contact Us

If you are interested in supporting the cause of prostate cancer by wearing a kilt, reach out to KTKC on their website. Don’t forget to order your kilt from Ozkilts® in preparation for the events, choose from our cool range of kilts!