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Burning Man Festival – Five Tips

by | Mar 14, 2019 | All About Kilts, Categorized

If you are new to the concept of Burning Man, then this is what it is – an annual mega-gathering that celebrates anti-consumerism and self-expression. This event ends with the burning of a gigantic wooden effigy, referred to as “The Man”.

Burning Man Festival – Five Tips by Ozkilts This event took birth in the mind and hands of Larry Harvey in 1986. Today, with more awareness and enormous followers, Burning Man has become a cult festival.

Burning Man is celebrated in Black Rock Desert, Nevada, USA. This year, the festival is set to start on August 26 and end on September 3. Anyone can participate in the festival. If you are confused over how you can make your participation valuable and worthy of the Burning Man, here are some tips to get you ahead.


Be in Tune with Burning Man Principles

Burning Man encourages extreme self-reliance; gifting; decommodification, unconventional forms of self-expression; collective cooperation to promote, create and safeguard communal resources such as public spaces and social networks; civic responsibility; eco-friendliness; involved participation; and a sense of immediacy.

Align with the concept, and you are going in the right direction.


Book Your Tickets Early

There is a restriction on the number of participants for the Burning Man festival. The ticketing season usually begins in February. Try to book your tickets as early as possible. For updated information on tickets, see here.


Unleash Your Imagination

Burning Man encourages unconventional modes of self-expression. You can use costume, makeup or body paint, to get into the Burning Man mode.

How about a kilt for you this season? This knee-length garment has its own charm and doesn’t cease to fascinate! Ozkilts offers a wide range of premium quality cotton kilts.

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Be prepared to turn heads around in your kilt!


Be Armed with a Bike

The Burning Man campus is huge, spanning 5.5 miles of desert land. Having a bike helps you explore the area and campsites comfortably.


Remember to Pack your Essentials

  • Sunscreen – Pack in several tubes of sunscreen. The desert sun is unforgiving; so, it is extremely important to protect your skin.
  • Ear Plugs – The festival sees several thousands of attendees, and the atmosphere is boisterous. And, the celebration is on 24 hours. Have a pair of high-quality ear plugs handy to drown the high sound levels around you to have some blissful sleep.
  • Clothing and Accessories – The days can be extremely hot and the nights extremely cold at Nevada desert. Sudden dust storms and heavy downpours are also common.

Equip yourself with clothing for all kinds of weather conditions, and make sure to bring your kilt from Ozkilts. Also, have accessories such as sunglasses and umbrellas handy.


Burning Man is a great experience. Make the most of the celebration and bring back valuable lessons of life and memories with a little planning and preparation.