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Building Kilt Confidence

by | May 7, 2020 | All About Kilts, Categorized

You’ve got your kilt. Maybe you haven’t purchased one yet, but you are thinking about it. Maybe you’ve got a couple that you’ve never worn. Now what? Do you just wear your kilt everywhere?

Definitely don’t wait for a special occasion! Wear that new kilt everywhere. Here are some of the more important points for developing kilt confidence. New shoes never hurt anyone, but you can just start with what you’ve got: a new kilt.


First Off, It’s Likely that No One is Looking

Building Kilt Confidence by Ozkilts When we go out in new duds, it’s easy to think that EVERYONE IS LOOKING AT US. Really, this is not the case! Just remember that if you were to count the number of people actually looking at you (which you can’t do), it would be way lower than what you were anticipating.

It’s really likely that no one is looking if you are just going about your everyday business. Places like the grocery store, pubs, and the auto parts store are full of distracted people going about their lives. The chances of them seeing you and noticing what you are wearing are pretty minimal.

If you are planning to get up on stage at open mic night, that’s another thing. People will definitely notice what you are wearing! Just remember that our day-to-day lives are not lived out on a stage.


If They Are Noticing Your Kilt, That’s a Good Thing!

You chose the kilt because you like it, right? Sometimes people feel like they want to wear something and have it blend right in. If kilts blended right in, they wouldn’t have as much of an aesthetic draw.

Just like with most clothes, it’s nice when your kilt stands out a little for quality and good taste. People occasionally dress up to stand out a lot. But in general, we want to stand out a little bit. If you’ve put on a kilt that gets a bit of attention, then we call that well-dressed.

It’s important to remember that we all feel a bit out of place sometimes. However, wearing a kilt doesn’t mean that you don’t fit it. Some would argue that it means only that you have great taste in clothing. Don’t let whatever social worries you may have led you to wearing only drab clothing that other people deem normal.

Dress up and be noticed for your style!


It’s a Small Hurdle

Building Kilt Confidence by Ozkilts The mental hurdle is nothing you can’t handle. Just doing it is the answer.

But there is more to choosing to overcome hurdles than just realising how small they really are. Many great coaches recommend breaking down challenges into smaller challenges until you can handle the whole thing.

Ask yourself this: what is it about wearing a kilt that seems like such a large hurdle? Despite liking your kilt, you may face a bit of shyness about wearing it out. Is it not the right colour?

Do you not know how to wear it with your other clothing items? Does it not fit you the right way?

Address the smaller issues that apply to clothes in general, or specifically kilts. Then, work your way up to wearing your kilt out by wearing it with different articles of clothing until you’re really comfortable. Try settings that make you less nervous at first, like lunch with a friend.

To find the perfect utility kilt for you, check out the range at Ozkilts. We’ve got something to cover you for everything from a concert to working in the garage.