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What Material is Used to Make a Utility Kilt?

What Material is Used to Make a Utility Kilt?

Looking for a Utility Kilt that not just looks great on you but is also practical to wear? Ensuring your kilt has the right fabric is important to ensure your not only comfortable, but is durable and looks great too!

Wondering what material works best for your Utility Kilt or for your Sports Kilt? Look no further than our 100% cotton and special durable fabric blends at Utility Kilts from OzKilts.

Although kilts are made from other materials such as poly cotton and calfskin other than the oh-so-traditional and routine Tartan fabric, we recommend cotton and cotton blend kilts for everyday wear as well as for special occasions.

Why is Cotton the Preferred Material?

Cotton is a natural fabric. This implies that there is no harm to you when you wear anything that is made from cotton.

Practical reasons why cotton should be your preferred material for your sports kilt or utility kilt are many. Cotton is delicate, breathable, durable and most importantly, ideal for hot days. It is a material that can suit almost every possible design, shape and fit. And if you are looking at the maintenance bit, there is nothing as easy as cotton.

Why Other Materials Are Not Good Enough?

You do find kilts made from other materials such as polyester, poly cotton and leather. But these materials have their own demerits.

Polyester tends to be heavier although it may show less wrinkles. We do not recommend this material if you are the kind of person who likes to work or go trekking wearing a kilt. Poly cotton kilts are a mix bag as the cotton content and quality can vary. The fabric texture may be uneven in such kilts. An absolute no from us!

Calfskin or leather kilts look good in films but practically they are high maintenance. Leather kilts require regular oiling and maintenance if you want to keep them looking great.

Choose Your Kilts with Care

A kilt is more than just a piece of clothing. It can accentuate your personality like nothing else can. So, when you want to make a style statement, choose your kilt material with care.

Explore the wide range of cotton utility kilts and sports kilts at OzKilts and you are sure to be happy with the result. Buy your favourite kilt today or order a customised kilt for gifting to someone.

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