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Benefits of Cotton Utility Kilts

by | Mar 12, 2020 | All About Kilts, Categorized

Tartan has long been the chosen fabric for the evergreen kilt, with kilts being made of wool, calfskin and poly cotton too. However, if you are looking for real comfort, cotton utility kilts are the way to go! There are several reasons to make cotton utility kilts your style statement.


Benefits of Cotton Utility Kilts by Ozkilts 100% Natural Material

Cotton is a natural fabric. So, cotton kilts do not cause any allergies or rashes. As a natural material, cotton is breathable, meaning it absorbs the moisture instead of resisting it. Cotton kilts allow natural airflow, keeping you cool and comfortable.


Great for Summer

Cotton is cool and soft on your skin. Cotton kilts are one of the best garments for summer. They do not cling to your skin or leave you irritated and sweaty from the exposure to the hot sun. Cotton kilts prevent the build-up of moisture between the skin and the clothing. As a result, you feel comfortable and more at ease with the utility kilt.


Highly Durable

Cotton kilts can be your trusted companion for life! These kilts are strong, sturdy and can take on the stress of daily use without the fibres falling apart. With stylish cotton utility kilts, you can make your style statement at work and off it!


Low on Maintenance

Leather and wool kilts require a lot of maintenance, whereas cotton kilts do not. You don’t have to put cotton utility kilts through dry cleaning, either, meaning you can use your cotton kilt without being afraid of dirtying them.


Kilt for Any and All Occasions  

Cotton utility kilts are great for any occasion. Whether you are attending a formal event, getting ready for a day at work or are heading for a trekking trip, cotton utility kilts are up and ready for any occasion.

Although poly-cotton kilts contain cotton, they are not completely made of cotton. This results in an uneven texture, which can deprive you of the real look and feel of a superior quality kilt.

With cotton kilts, you get a garment that is timelessly stylish!


Benefits of Cotton Utility Kilts by Ozkilts Free of Odours

Cotton kilts do not absorb and retain odours as much as wool and poly blends, so they do not stink. Whether you are wearing your utility kilt in the kitchen or exercising in it, you are less likely to drive others away thanks to your odour free your kilt!


Highly Stylish

Whoever said cotton is boring! Given the fabric’s flexibility to adapt to any shape and design, it is no wonder that cotton utility kilts are a great favourite of those looking for style, strength and durability in their kilts.  

For the best cotton utility kilts, check out the collection from Ozkilts. All our utility kilts are 100% cotton and completely handmade. They boast a range of features including detachable pockets, side pleats for extra manoeuvrability and a fully adjustable closures for the perfect fit. Our kilts are also available in attractive colours, so have fun and explore the cotton kilt range here!