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Attending a Wedding? Wear a Kilt!

by | Apr 9, 2020 | All About Kilts, Categorized

If a wedding is in the cards for 2020, and you are looking for the right ensemble for the occasion, why not try a utility kilt?

A kilt is a fascinating knee-length garment associated with Scotland and its rich culture. This garment immediately brings to mind the scenic Scottish Highlands.

Attending a Wedding? Wear a Kilt! by Ozkilts By wearing a kilt, you’ll be expressing your awe and respect for Scotland, its people and its culture. No better way to make it a big and memorable day for you and the bridal couple!

You cannot go wrong with a kilt when it comes to looks and appearance. Here’s why:


Steal Hearts in the Traditional Look

Kilts and Scottish culture are inseparable. For the best effect, choose a kilt with chrome chains and fixtures. Pair it up with colour-coordinated cuff links and flashes. You could match the kilt with a formal sleeveless blazer. Charm your way into people’s hearts at the wedding!


Proclaim your Superior Fashion Sense

The kilt is one versatile garment. It is as traditional as it is stylish. Even if it’s not a traditional Scottish wedding, you could still wear a kilt.

You could go for a slim-fit kilt in bright colours to seize the moment instantly, or go subtle with understated colours. Either way, you are bound to turn heads for sure!

Complement your kilt with a custom-fit colour-coordinated jacket.


Attending a Wedding? Wear a Kilt! by Ozkilts Wear a Kilt to Stand Out in the Crowd

A kilt attracts attention the moment you step out in this endearing garment! For heightened effect, choose unique designs and colours and match them up with trendy upper-waist garments.

For example, you could pair up a coloured kilt with a short-cut jacket accessorised completely with lapels and epaulettes (shoulder decoration).


Say Yes to Comfort

A kilt is not just about looks, it is about comfort too. It is important to choose a kilt that’s made of high-quality fabric and designed to give you more freedom of movement. Moreover, look for features such as fit adjustability and pockets for complete comfort.


Choices Galore at Ozkilts Attending a Wedding? Wear a Kilt! by Ozkilts

For the best fit and quality, choose Ozkilts. We specialise in making superior quality stylish and functional kilts that are shipped worldwide.

All our kilts are made of 100% high-quality cotton and are available in different attractive colours, patterns and features. Our top pick for being wedding-ready is our top-selling Deluxe Utility Kilt, which is a streamline option which looks fantastic with a fitted suit jacket and dress shirt.

While cotton offers superior comfort, we enhance the kilt experience further with convenient features such as large detachable pockets, decorative metal fixtures that add class and charm to the garment, and a highly effective fastening system.

All our kilts are extremely movement-friendly, but if you are looking for extra manoeuvrability, we have features such as flexible side pleats.

We also offer FREE shipping!

Whether you are a guest or the best man, make sure you rock the occasion with a well-designed and comfortable kilt.