Attention Ozkilts Customers: Due to a huge influx of orders current delivery times on some orders may take up to 10 weeks. In response to this we are improving our overall quality & service, thank you for your understanding during this exciting time, feel free to get in touch with me with any questions at eden@ozkilts.com

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Hi there!

Thanks for coming to our site and heading on over to this humble 'About Us' page. My name is Eden Brownlee and I'm the CEO and Founder of Ozkilts.com.

As you might have guessed, I've been wearing Utility Kilts for years now, and OzKilts was born from this passion, and from desire to deliver quality, functional Utility Kilts to the world!

See, the problem was, with the influx of overseas manufacture the Utility Kilt industry has been flooded with terrible quality products that you wouldn't even want to wear at a costume party, to make things worse, a bunch of apparently 'local manufacturers' started popping up all over, who actually just ship you the exact same poor quality items from countries like India, China and Pakistan. Now, using overseas manufacture wouldn't be a problem if the quality control was good, the patterns used didn't cut corners on important features (like the front Z apron is often removed to cut down on the material used), and these people were wearing their products so they knew the problems faced. To add to these frustrations, often the $conversion$ rates for different currency purchases are less than favourable, and shipping costs your first born (but they don't tell you that until you go to checkout... how frustrating), and after paying an arm and a leg for your Kilt (or getting it 'cheap' and getting what you pay for), then you're then faced with a huge wait time for shipping!

This just wasn't good enough...

And so, OzKilts was forged out of these frustrations. I've slaved over many a coffee or other delicious beverage working with fashion designers, creating branding, manufacturer relationships, and everything else in between to create a quality range of products and a smooth ordering process, making buying a your next quality utility kilt a fast and fun adventure!

It's my own (and my teams) goal to bring Quality handmade Utility Kilts throughout the world. We offer quality updates on existing patterns are eager to release new styles and FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS (because seriously, who gets excited over working out shipping costs?!?!?).

So Kilt Up Men of the World, the women seriously love it, and you will too! See you all on the dance-floors, hiking trails, workplaces, and everywhere in between!

eden with a chainsawJust to thank you for stopping by this page, here's a picture of me holding a chainsaw while cutting some 3000 year old ancient petrified wood...
and of course wearing a Kilt and my 'Wicked Witch' leg protectors. :) Enjoy!