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A Book about Kilts? YES!

by | May 11, 2017 | All About Kilts, Categorized

That the kilt has become a famous garment worldwide is a shining fact. But, did you know that this humble garment is so popular that there is a book dedicated to it?


Kilt Me!

A Book about Kilts? YES! by Ozkilts This is a book about the kilt by author Ben Goodwin. Based on the history of the kilt in New York City (NYC), the plot uses both fact and fiction about the garment in the above geographical backdrop.

The kilt history around which the book revolves is based on the mythic popularity of the garment in NYC. The book suggests that the kilt could have been integral to NYC’s cultural atmosphere in the period between the Roaring Twenties and the Punk Rock movement.

The book is not short on humour. Blended into the plot in the form of mind-provoking illustrations, and fashion tips and advice on the garment, the humour brings a fine degree of zest to the plot, which could otherwise have been just a boring collection of historical information.


More about the Kilt

The book obviously focuses more on the kilt and its journey in NYC. You’ll find famous kilt instances including the formation of Angry Scotsman Pub in the year 1875, and the Broadway March, which involved bar-crawling in kilts. The plot then moves to kilts of the modern day.


Modern Day Kilts

Kilts have come a long way since their origin in the Scottish Highlands. The kilt today is a universal garment, admired by people from different backgrounds, including celebrities, corporate executives, and professionals handling rough environments such as factories and manufacturing units.

The kilt has also evolved in style. Though the basic design is the same, a wide range in styles, features and colours, is available. A utility kilt could be ideal for work, or you could choose a stylish and sturdy sports kilt for your sports activities.


The Author

Ben Goodwin seems to be a man of many places. Born in New Jersey, Goodwin earned his college degree in Indiana, and went on to travel to Japan. After visiting different places, the author settled in NYC, where he set up a design studio. Goodwin is also a publisher and designer by profession.

The author is interested in taking up the roles of a hiker, reader, oyster enthusiast, and a beer lover, in his free time.

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