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Blog - If Kilts Could Talk

Welcome to the OzKilts Blog. We're excited to share our passion for all things kilt with you. We're sure if our Kilts could talk they would have some amazing stories to tell! Check back here for specials, funny anecdotes, updates and news.

Hi, I'm Eden, I'm the Founder and CEO of OzKilts. I am an amateur fire performer, and I've been wearing Utility Kilts for years now, during this time they have rapidly became my every day wear.

OzKilts was born from this passion, and the need to get quality Utility Kilts to Australia (and the world!). After getting tired of trying to find quality kilts without huge wait times, shipping hassles, exchange rate nightmares and poor quality problems, I started OzKilts, with the desire to solve all these issues, and create a quality brand in the Marketplace, that I would proudly wear myself.

Kilts are the most comfortable thing I've ever worn, they offer something fashionable and unique, while still being practical and... did I mention how comfortable they are?

Earthcore: 23 November - 3rd December 2017

Experience your fill of music, culture, arts and dance, at Australia’s famous festival event, Earthcore . To say that line-up of events for this year is abundant would be a complete understatement! The festival this year...
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Fire Spinning and Fire Safety


Fire spinning is both an art and a technique. It involves using techniques and tools to play with, and manipulate, fire, to create an amazing and mesmerizing experience for audiences. Artists trained in the technique emp...
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Celebrities Spotted Wearing Kilts

James McAvoy
Mike Myers
A kilt is a natural attention-grabber. It is no wonder that many a celebrity are drawn to this garment to up their fashion quotient. Here are a few celebrities who wore the kilt with aplomb, and have been admired for set...
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How is a kilt made?

So you think a kilt is just another skirt? You are certainly wrong! A kilt is certainly not a skirt, and it is definitely not just another piece of cloth with folds sewn in place. Kilt making involves a lot of patience, ...
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When Only A Kilt Will Do

Thеrе аrе many оссаѕiоnѕ in thе lifе оf a Kilt Wearer, where a kilt iѕ not just a daily wear, but an essential раrt оf your wardrobe! It's true, Scotland has a wоndеrful сulturе and ѕuсh a riсh hiѕtоrу. Evеrу Clan has a ...
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Utility Kilts: A Must-Have for Burning Man

Burning Man is fast approaching, and that means it's time to start thinking about what you'll bring along to wear during the music festival. You want to be able to dance, keep your most important items within easy reach ...
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The Pros of Men's Kilts and Trousers

Scottish men point out that real men should put on kilts! As opposed to what our generation has to say. Of course, not only men but many women also love wearing kilts. Let's give the pros of each so that we are able to f...
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Other Occasions That Require Mens Kilts

Sir Wаltеr Sсоtt "reinvented" kilts for men in itѕ modern form аnd frоm thаt раrtiсulаr dау onwards, it wаѕ accepted tо bе a National Cоѕtumе. Pеорlе began wеаring these kilts in сеrеmоniеѕ аnd оffiсiаl occasions. Wеddin...
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